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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Titles of Cricketers.

We've seen many cricket players with their third name (i.e., the extra titles given to them) on the field or in the media..This is an attempt to put all those great titles at one place..
To start with..
Sachin Tendulkar --- "The batting maestro", "Little Master", "Master Blaster"
Rahul Dravid --- "The Wall", "Mr. Dependable"
Sourav Ganguly -- "Prince of Kolkata"
Dhoni -- "Jharkhand Dynamite"
Kumble -- "The Jumbo"
Sehwag -- "Nawab of najafgarh"
Shoiab Akhtar -- "Rawalpindi Express"

the list goes on....

Do you think these extra titles add extra burden to players??

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