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Monday, 19 November 2007

OSO Review !!!

Movie : Om Shanti Om

Verdict : Super Hit.

A complete entertainer—that’s the one word that comes to everyone’s mind after watching this movie..there is action, drama, comedy, tragedy, n there is sentiment… coming to the story – it is based on reincarnation, I know there r many people who say “arey yaar, what is this punarjanma? Whos gonna watch this movie” but I tell you, you would not get bored in the movie though reincarnation in real is not possible..the first half of the movie is superb I would rather say the ultimate comedy ever produced by Bollywood in recent times.. and our SRK has acted brilliantly in comedy scenes even in the ones which include jokes on himself… and the second half.. I felt disappointed with the way it is handled, the story in second half is dragged too much, could have been done better by Farah Khan. But the background music and songs are excellent. Nice work by Vishan-Shekhar and Sandeep Chowtha. You’ll see a new SRK in the second half with his brand new six-packs. the Filmfare awards episode(especially the best actor nominees. :D.) just before the title song is simply fantastic..This 2007 has been a golden year for SRK, he has already had two big hits of Bollywood in his bag -- Chak De India, and OSO.. I hope he continues his form (just like sachin :D) in the next films. Any review would be incomplete if you don’t mention about the debut heroine Deepika, who steals the show with her charm and a lil bit of skin show even in the scenes where it is not needed. Overall, a good movie to watch out for SRK’s performance and for the spoofs on veteran bollywood actors.

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