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Friday, 11 January 2008

India undone by umpires 2-0

The first test in the year 2008 will be remembered by the world for many years, this test had all the types of entertainment that you could expect in a test cricket, there was high drama throughout the game, there was excellent batting by both the teams, century on each day of the test, aussies players behavior on / off the field, excellent comeback by India after having defeated by heavy margin and not to forget lot of controversies. Every Indian would have been disappointed with the way it has ended. It is pretty hard to digest the result. We have seen tests destroyed by bad lights, rains etc., but rarely we have seen a test spoiled by the umpires by which it was turned out to be one of the worst tests in the cricket history. The decisions of Dravid, and ganguly and many decisions in the first innings of Australia which were given against India by umpires. Adding to this, ICC shocked India by banning harbhajan singh for 3 tests. The Australian’s behaviour especially their captain ponting’s “win at any cost” attitude raised many eyebrows not only in india but by the cricket fans all over the world including Australian greats. This test has shown how the so called professional players in the game behave on the field when they were on the edge of losing a game which could break a record winning streak. They are not at all professionals, professionalism means agreeing that the fielder has touched the boundary line while trying to catch, without asking for the third umpire, professionalism means congratulating any opponent batsman when he scores a century or hits you for a six. Whatever aussies have shown is not at all professionalism they have even forgot to shake hands with the losing team.. after the test the statement by kumble - “Only one team was playing in right spirit of the game” shows how Indians would have felt after the test. Initially, India had the chance of squaring up the series in this test, but umpires spoiled all those hopes of winning a test series (or at least a draw) in Australian soil. There were some silly decisions given by umpires in this test, even as a viewer we can tell whether that batsman is out or not. These mistakes over shadowed some of the mistakes done by Indian cricketers. India batted well in their first innings with the help of centuries from laxman and sachin, but their batting was not good in the second innings, once again they nearly failed to reach 200 apart from the wrong umpiring decisions. And also they couldn’t capitalize the pitch conditions in the second innings and allowed aussies to score more than 400 runs. Remember they have restricted them to 134/6 in the first innings of the same test. So we should look at not only whatever has happened with umpires, aussies but also we should look at our failures in this test. There has been a lot of discussion and debates over this test in the news papers and tv channels, but no one talks about the failures in this test like batting failures of jaffer and yuvraj. Yes they haven’t been performing well since the start of the series, and they should be axed now and new players should be given a chance, because after losing the series with 2-0 india should look for winning the last two test matches atleast( I am being optimistic J). I think, kumble should allow yuvraj to go and have trip with deepika, as he is not concentrating in either things, his personal life or his cricket career. And pathan should be given a place of yuvraj, as he can be handy in a pitch that suits fast bowlers. So india should stop thinking about what has happened in the past, as they have no concern with the next test, because Sydney test’s man of the match is not umpiring in this test and bajji is allowed to play this test. So everything happened is over, we don’t get anything by looking at the history and digging the things again. That won’t make the result as 1-1. We should come back strongly in the next match and take the revenge on aussies. All I can say to Indian team is ALL THE VERY BEST in the next test. Hope you will win this test and break aussies winning record.

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