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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

India vs Australia Series -- Preview

India vs Australia…wat a contest it will be…a contest where there will be a fierce fight between bat and ball.. I’ve always been a fan of test cricket though the short versions of the game are more entertaining now a days. But I think, this cricket is the real test for any player whether he could be a batsman or a bowler. He should have lot of patience, accuracy, and what not. Irrespective of many people’s comments on test cricket, I really enjoyed watching it. I never get bored especially in Australian test matches. I don’t know why, may be because of the bouncy tracks and their pace men who literally collapsed all the teams which have been to Oz. This time, it won’t be the same again – because its gonna be India vs Australia. True, its India only which has given tough competition to Australia in the past and often tried to reach their position. But with the likes of Warne, Mcgrath absent, they have Lee, Tait, Mitchelle Johnson all of them who can easily bowl 150KPH, I am sure it will be great entertainment watching Indian batsmen who have great records in their bags play against them. With the captain Kumble leading from the front, you can not underestimate Indian bowling with RP Singh, Zaheer, bajji and the new comer Ishanth Sharma. And coming to the Indian batting, the BIG 3 are back in the form, though Mr. Dependable dravid lacked some runs in the recent series. I am confident that he can retain his glory. We always forget one man, who has been consistently performing in the test cricket and has the all rights to join in that BIG * league. He is none other than Very Very Special Laxman. He grabbed every opportunity he has been given and constantly scored many runs in the test arena. Never forget the six sixers hero Yuvraj Singh, If you’ve watched his innings in Bangalore, any one will agree that he can score a lot in test cricket though he hasn’t been given much opportunities. With lots of talent Indian side, captain kumble has new headache as to whom should he include in the final XI and also who will open in the innings. If it has to be triple centurion Sehwag, then Yuvi has to wait another series. If kumble compels dravid to open the innings with Jaffer ( he should agree because he is no more a captain), then Yuvi can make the middle order even stronger. So, It will be a great treat to watch for all the cricket fans, and I am eagerly waiting for the series to begin. Don’t you?

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